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Astrology Seekers Workbook by Kelley Giles (C) Empress Astrology

Astrology Seekers Workbook

This journal is the key to deepening your astrological journey, first by offering an organized space to write down all that resonates with you about astrological elements, and then by teaching you how to align yourself with the transit of the sun and the moon.

Empower your journey of personal growth with the
Astrology Seekers workbook

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Your Personal Astrology Reference Journal

This journal gives you a space to write your own feelings, inspirations, and notes about how each aspect of astrology affects you on a personal level.

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Your Notes on the planets

Once you understand each planet's motivation, you will be able to interpret the placement of each planet within your own chart and during its transits.  

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Your Notes on the signs
of the zodiac

Getting to know the basics of the signs will help you to interpret planetary placements in your chart.  Both in how they affect each house and how they influence the behavior of each planet.   

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Your Notes on the Houses

Each birth chart is divided into Twelve Sections called Houses. These sections ‘house’ different aspects of your life.  Knowing your personal placements can give you more insight into key parts of your life, like your health, career, or relationships.

Written and designed to accompany you on your Journey through the zodiac
Astrology Seeker's Workbook

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